About Me


I’m a self love and spiritual coach whose mission is to inspire women to become the happiest, healthiest and hottest versions of themselves by living their purpose and passion, giving themselves permission to lead more inspired and fulfilled lives.  (You can read more about that here).  I love what I do.  I love to inspire women through my coaching and my lifestyle blog.

But there was something else.

I wanted something more.

Do you ever feel like that?  Does this sound familiar?

I want to travel more but there is never room for it in my budget.”
“I have a gypsy in my soul but I don’t have the time for a holiday!”
“How can I have a life of travel and exploration?”
“How do I save money on travel expenses?”
“I’m so sick of travel guides containing exactly the same information.  Where can I uncover the unseen treasures ‘off the beaten path’?”
“How can I attract more travel and adventure in my life?”
“I only have a short time to travel.  How can I maximise my experience?”


If you’re anything like me, you would travel every day of your life if travel were free, right?

If you’re anything like me, your favourite travel stories are the ones where you got sidetracked, jumped on the wrong bus or booked the wrong hotel, had an EPIC adventure and were the richer for it.

If you’re anything like me, you aren’t so much a book-a-holiday-to-lay-on-the-beach sort of person, but the kind who wants to see and do EVERYTHING and maximise the amount of time you have in a particular place.

If you’re anything like me, you like to research everything before you go so that you can get the most out of your experience.

This blog is a compendium of guides on how to do just that.  I only work with affiliates and sponsors I 100%, absolutely believe in and the travel that I do, either solo or with my husband, is 100% out of my own pocket.  There are no paid trips and no blog posts sponsored by a tourism company with dictated hotels and experiences, so you can be sure that you’re getting a REAL traveller’s taste of local culture, cuisine and attractions.


Me being a BIG believer in the Law of Attraction, I know that like attracts like and that thoughts, emotions and experiences create things.  And so me saying to myself, “I never get to travel, I don’t have time for a holiday, I can’t afford to go on adventures” was just creating more of that experience and I knew I had to get out of that toxic thought world that I was in and change my language.

See, a big part of me walking my talk, of my living my purpose and passion and giving myself permission to lead a more inspired and fulfilled life is travel.  Adventure.  Exploration.  In fact, those things are my favourite things in the world to do, the things that make me truly feel alive.

So I started to get myself on the right vibration to create more travel, adventure and exploration in my life right now and therefore create more of that.

My husband and I don’t get to travel overseas as often as we’d like (boy, we wish), but we are very lucky to live in (what I probably very partially believe to be) one of the most beautiful, nature rich places in the world – southeast Queensland, Australia.  And so every Sunday, we jump on our motorbike and go explore the gorgeous natural beauty that our home as to offer.  And every now and again, we venture out of our backyard to visit the exquisite, unparalleled natural beauty that other parts of our island home of Australia has to offer.

My mission for Glow Travel is to inspire women with a gypsy in their beautiful souls, just like you, to live a life of adventure beyond your wildest dreams and to show you that it is possible, doable, and affordable.  Dive in, beautiful!